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The Escape 9to5 Club is an online hub with the mission of inspiring and empowering women and men from around the world to build wildly successful businesses and achieve financial and location freedom.

We believe that everyone can achieve incredible things, and life is too short to spend most of our time in a job we don’t like.

However, sometimes the entrepreneurial journey can be challenging.

Have you ever felt like…

  • Uncertainty about where to start. It feels overwhelming, especially if you’re not sure where to begin. You may not know what steps to take first, what resources to use, or who to turn to for help.

  • Lack of clarity about the business idea and target market. Without a solid idea and target market, you may struggle to attract and retain customers.

  • Fear of failure or not being successful. It’s important to manage it so that it doesn’t hold you back from pursuing your business dreams.

  • Lack of technical skills. You need to build a website, landing pages, online content, resources… How can you do this yourself if you don’t have the skills?

  • Financial constraints and uncertainty about how to fund the business. 

  • Fear of competition and standing out in a crowded marketplace. How can you differentiate from the competition?

If so, you’re human! I think most of us feel like this at some point or another.


Here's the truth

Building a profitable and successful online business is like being on a roller coaster ride in the dark… there are continuos ups and downs and you will feel alone and scared. For this reason, you need support and motivation.

Also, you need guidance and focus, since getting distracted along the way is pretty probable.

That’s why I build the Escape 9 to 5 Club: to make you stay focused, get a strategy plan, and build a network of inspiring people.

How can we help

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Join the monthly LIVE Session with all the members of the Escape 9 to 5 Club. Get inspired by results, share your progress and ask questions.

Secret Community

Chat Group for all the students

Join the Escape 9 to 5 Community. Connect with experts and like-minded members.

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