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How to Get 10 to 15 New Clients per month

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Nice to meet you

I'm Alessandro

I’m Alessandro Di Ruscio, founder of the Escape 9 to 5 Club.

I’m an ex graphic designer who has decided to become his own boss.
I’ve built an online business from scratch, learning all the online marketing skills I needed to succeed.

Because of this, I’m aware of how confusing and overwhelming this journey can be.

In my early days, I would have loved to have a platform like the Escape 9 to 5 Club, where I can find all I need without getting distracted.

So I created this Membership program for everyone who is struggling to build an online business. 

The days of learning from dozens of different gurus are over. The Escape 9 to 5 Club has all the Masterclasses you want in a single place.

What you get

inside the Escape 9 to 5 Community


The Escape 9 to 5 Club includes a  library of educational content that will guide you to create a profitable and successful Online Business.

If you want to achieve financial and location independence, you need a map to follow. The Weekly LIVE Masterclasses and the daily content are created for this purpose.

This Community is specifically tailored for Consultants, Coaches, Mentors, and Content Creators. 

Some of the Masterclasses that we run in the Club

How to Get Remote and Private Clients

How to Make Sales Using Facebook Ads

The Passive Income Strategy

How to Grow an Email List Fast

And many others are waiting for you in the Community


Join the Team

Connect with a Community of Like-Minded People

Does it feel lonely to work on your Side Hustle on your own?
That’s why you need a Community.

The Escape 9to5 Club isn’t just a library of content, but also a Group of inspiring entrepreneurs that will help you along the way, and make you feel part of a movement.

3 Ways we can help you

Learn how to get clients NOW!


Watch our Weekly Masterclasses

We’re LIVE every Sunday inside the Community with a brand new Masterclass on how to get clients.

While you take notes, you can engage in lively conversations, ask questions, share your ideas, and connect with fellow community members, all from the comfort of your own home.


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