10th – 11th – 12th of Sept (5pm GMT – 12pm EST)
Supercharge your Lead Generation on LinkedIn
Turn Your LinkedIn Account into a Lead Generation Powerhouse Without spending hours on the platform every day?
Let me show you how to Supercharge your Lead Generation on LinkedIn by automating your prospecting campaigns and expertly managing and nurturing your network.

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"This is the exact step-by-step strategy I've used to quit my full-time job, and regain my freedom"

Does Any Of This Sound Familiar…?

Posting Never Ending On Linkedin Without Getting Views

Wondering what to do in order to attract leads on Linkedin 

Feeling you’re wasting your time cause all your effort produce nothing

ZERO Reliable Ways Of Bringing Traffic To Your Business

Wasting Your Time with prospects that will never convert into clients

It's time to have an effective Linkedin Strategy designed to attract leads
Let me ask you a question.​

Is what you’re doing now on Linkedin bringing you targeted leads that will convert into clients?

If your answer isn’t a solid YES, this 3-Day Bootcamp is what’s gonna give you a better strategy.

I’ve been using Linkedin solely to grow my Community and attract leads. The strategy I use allowed me to attract targeted prospects for my Business.

If you want to achieve these same goals, learn the strategy that I’ve been using and I’ve been teaching to all my students.

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The 3-Day Bootcamp is a LIVE, self-paced course that gives you the information you need to transform Linkedin in an effective lead generator.

🔴 Recording available for each of the 3 days

Tuesday 10th Sept

Day 1

Attract your Ideal Leads

Learn how to find and connect with your ideal leads.

Wednesday 11th  Sept

Day 2

Reach out and Convert

Send them a message and convert them from strangers into leads

Thursday 12th Sept

Day 3

Automate and Scale

Let the machine work by itself. It will perform while you take care of the rest

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Nice to meet you

I'm Alessandro


Back in 2016, I was trapped in 9-to-5 that was draining my time and energy.

Then one day, I decided to stop it and focus on a niche I was passionate about, choosing the clients I wanted to work with.
Basically, I became an entrepreneur. Or digital nomad if you prefer.

Since then, I’ve worked with multiple clients, from entrepreneurs to startups to corporations… All remotely.
I’ve never met most of my clients physically.

I’ve traveled while working with my laptop, and I had the chance to see my friends and family more. This was simply impossible with my old full-time job.

While others followed the “traditional route,” sacrificing the best years of their lives, I decided to flip the script.

Now I help wanna-be entrepreneurs do the same thing I did years ago. I’d be honored to be your guide in finding clients.

Here's what happens during the 3 days

LIVE Sessions

The Bootcamp lasts 3 days with a LIVE Video each day.
Every session focuses on a different aspect of my marketing strategy.

Every day, same time

The 3 workshops will start daily at 5 pm BST - 12 pm EST - 9 am PST.
I'll send you reminders to ensure you won't miss any lessons.

Replays available

If you can't make it for the LIVE Sessions, you have the recording available in the Facebook Group.


At the end of each session, I'll give you homework to complete on the Facebook Group before moving to the next lesson. The Bootcamp is focused on taking action.

3 Bonuses for you

They will make sure that you leave this Bootcamp with your profitable strategy.

Exclusive Facebook Community

Because the biggest value on our team is “no question left unanswered”, when you join today, you’ll also get access to our ultra-exclusive Facebook group for all the members inside the 3-Day Bootcamp.
There you can connect with all the other students, and you get 24/7 access to me and my team.

Daily Homework and Assignment

The 3-Day Bootcamp is all about taking action. You will have your plan to execute at the end of each day.

I will keep you accountable and review your work before we start the next lesson. The goal is to have your strategy ready to go at the end of the Bootcamp.


Recordings for all the Sessions

If anything happens during the Bootcamp (you’re busy in your coaching business or simply get in the way), and you can’t attend the LIVE Sessions, don’t worry, I got your back.

You can catch or re-watch the replays at ANY time that is convenient for you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Every lesson lasts around 30 minutes, starting at 5 pm GMT – 12 pm EST – 9 am PST.

Absolutely. The replay will be available in the Facebook Group immediately after the end.

You can catch or re-watch the replays at ANY time that is convenient for you.

Obviously it’s better to be LIVE with me, so you can ask me questions on the go.

In the 3-Day Bootcamp, I’ll cover all the bases, so the program is perfect for both beginners and experts.

The newbies will learn how to find their niche and what service to offer to potential clients.

The experts will learn how to attract more clients, and how to scale profit.

If you have the right mindset and are ready to learn, this is the course for you.

Absolutely. You don’t need to spend a cent to register for the Bootcamp.

Nope. The 3-Day Bootcamp is for users just getting started AS WELL as seasoned users with an established business.

The newbies will learn how to find their niche and what service to offer to potential clients.
The experts will learn how to attract more clients, and how to scale profit.

If you have the right mindset and you’re ready to learn, this is the course for you.

And you can always go back and repeat lessons. Many of our students retake portions of the course to be sure everything is 100% clear.

Most students re-watch the course once or twice per year to refresh the vast amount of information in the program.

Ready to transform Linkedin in a Lead Machine?

Here’s what’s waiting for you inside the


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